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Frequently asked questions

What is the order of the Dark Unicorn books?

The Dark Unicorn book series is not numbered, and each book is officially a standalone title. Although characters and story threads appear across different books in the series, each book has a separate storyline and its own protagonists. But for those of you who like to read things in order, the publication order of the Dark Unicorn books (and the order in which I wrote them), is: The Midnight Unicorn, The Darkest Unicorn, The Cursed Unicorn, The Blazing Unicorn, The Frozen Unicorn.

Will there be another book in the Dark Unicorn series?

I am not working on another Dark Unicorn book at the moment, but never say never!

How do I get a signed book?

Please check The Book Nook shop either online or in Ware. If they currently don't have a signed copy in stock, then please contact them. If they are able to order the title you want, I'll be happy to pop in and sign it for you (this could take a few days).

Where can I hear about your latest books and news?

Every month I publish a newsletter including new book news, as well as free writing activities! You can find the sign up form here.

How do I get a book visit?
Check out the page with lots of details about book visits here.

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