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My job
I am a children's author and I write for children of all ages. I have had over 50 books published in the UK and internationally, including picture books and chapter books. I have also written for websites, reading schemes and even a talking bear! Two of my books were selected for the National Library Summer Reading Challenge. As well as writing, I love visiting schools to share my work and run literacy workshops.

My background

As a child, I loved drawing and writing and always fancied the idea of writing a book but when I grew up I forgot about it and did grown-up jobs for a little while. I worked as a librarian, a website editor and an Outreach manager for a university. I kept on with the drawing and writing but just as a hobby. I didn't seem to have any story ideas. It was only when I had children of my own that I left my full-time job and suddenly seemed to have lots of story ideas. My first picture book was published in 2013 and I haven't stopped since.


Alice Hemming early story school.jpg

Some of my early work. I no longer end my stories with, "It was all a dream"!

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